Blair Betts

Status: Philadelphia Flyers center
Ht: 6-foot-3 Wt: 210 pounds

DOB: Feb. 16, 1980 In: Edmonton

Early Hockey Memory:
“My first year of pro we (St. John Flames) won the Calder Cup (2001). We played the Penguins farm team, Wilkes-Barre.”
Hockey Inspirations:
“I’d probably say my family is my biggest inspiration now. The thing I love most about the game is being a part of the team, playing for your teammates, the camaraderie and goofing around and joking with the boys. I guess my favorite player growing up was Steve Yzerman.”

“I had Bettsy, Blue, that’s about it.”

Favorite Movies:
“I’d say Wedding Crashers, Kingpin, anything by Adam Sandler, Chris Farley, Will Ferrell.”

Last Books Read:
Divine Justice (by David Baldacci). And the book of the movie Shutter Island (by Dennis Lehane).

Favorite TV Shows:
Family Guy, Seinfeld.”
Musical Tastes:
“Pretty much everything. I think my favorite band of all-time is The Tragically Hip.”

Hobbies/Leisure Activities:
“Nothing too interesting, play golf in the off-season, that’s about it.”

First Job:
“In high school back in Canada, I used to just go to ‘Hire a student’ and work odd jobs.”
First Car:
“My brother and I drove an ’81 Chevette. Two-tone blue. It was a beater.”

Current Car:
“Right now, I just rented a car actually. Normally I drive a 2001 Yukon. I drove back and forth to New York the past two years. So I have a lot of miles on that beast. (Rent?) Ford F150 or something like that. It’s actually nice, I like it.”

Favorite Meal:
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:
“Cookie Dough.”
Favorite Breakfast Cereal
: “Special K.”
Pre-game Feeling:
“A little nervous, a little excited. Just concentrating on what I have to do.”

Greatest Sports Moment:
“Just scoring my first NHL goal against Minnesota (2002). Craig Berube was in on it. My first NHL game.”

Most Painful Moment:
“Dislocated my shoulder a few times.”

Favorite Uniforms
: “You know what, I like Buffalo’s.”

Favorite Arena:
“Going back to Canada is always nice. Air Canada (Toronto) is pretty nice.”

Strangest Game:
“I remember my first year playing in the Western Hockey League. We have what’s called a ‘Teddy Bear Toss.’ So the first goal that the home team scores, everyone brings a stuffed animal to the rink and they throw it out on the ice. And they collect it. It’s usually during Christmas time for charity. And we got shutout. I remember Zdeno Chara was on our team and he fought – we were playing the Kamloops Blazers. So towards the end of the game he fought their tough guy. Won the fight. Then they threw all the teddy bears out.”

Embarrassing Hockey Memory:
“Scored on myself a bunch of times – scoring on the wrong net.”

Favorite Players To Watch:
“Gretzky. Gretz was my favorite. And I like Marty (St-Louis), I like watching Marty play.”

First Hockey Memory:
“It’s kind of cliche, but my dad used to always put a rink in our backyard. Just go out there skating and passing and shooting with my two older brothers.”
Favorite Vacation Spot: “I’d say the Okanagan of B.C.”
Last Halloween Costume:
“The costume I had wasn’t for Halloween – we had a housewarming party and I dressed up as the ‘Soup Nazi’ off the Seinfeld episodes.”

Personality Qualities Most Admired:
“Just a good sense of humor.”

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