Blue Jackets’ Corey Tropp scores the nicest disallowed goal you might ever see

Blue Jackets winger Corey Tropp has just one goal this season and nearly got his second Thursday against Montreal. But although his goal was disallowed, Tropp’s astonishing hand-eye coordination in getting the puck past superstar Carey Price has to be seen to be believed.

Blue Jackets left winger Corey Tropp didn’t score a goal that counted Thursday in Columbus’ 5-2 loss to the Montreal Canadiens, but his disallowed goal on star netminder Carey Price was nonetheless a marvel of hand-eye co-ordination.

The 25-year-old Tropp has just one goal and six points in 46 games with the Jackets this season, and he nearly had his second after being knocked to the ice directly in front of Price and putting the puck in the net from a seated position on the ice: (video via Reddit user Grizzy19 and

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You can argue whether the play ought to have resulted in a goal, but you can’t deny that Tropp’s ability to knock the puck from the top of the net and bat it past Price and across the line in a matter of milliseconds – while sitting on his posterior – is an ability that’s possessed by very few.