Blues’ Shattenkirk issued 10-minute misconduct for applauding referees post-game

Kevin Shattenkirk wasn’t pleased with the officiating in Tuesday’s game against the Winnipeg Jets. He let referees Steve Kozari and Graham Skilliter hear it post-game by applauding their effort, which landed him a 10-minute misconduct after the game.

To say
Kevin Shattenkirk and the St. Louis Blues were displeased with the refereeing in Tuesday’s game against the Winnipeg Jets might just be the understatement of the season. From perceived missed calls to a goal snuffed out by a slashing call, the Blues were none too happy with the tandem of Steve Kozari and Graham Skilliter. In a contest that was as physical as any this season, things boiled over at the end of the game, resulting in a skirmish between all ten skaters on the ice. Once the dust began to settle, Shattenkirk let Kozari and Skilliter how he felt about everything:

In looking at the box score after the game, it’s evident that Shattenkirk’s actions didn’t go unpunished, even if it serves nothing more than to pad Shattenkirk’s penalty minutes statistic by the end of the season.
Shattenkirk 10 Min St. Louis and Winnipeg have battled four times since Feb. 26, and the contests have seemingly gotten more and more heated. There remains the possibility that the Jets will play the Blues in the first round of the playoffs and, if that were to happen, there’s little doubt the series would be the hardest-hitting of the first round. As for Shattenkirk’s reaction, while it wasn’t necessarily a game that St. Louis needed to win, the loss does make it so the Blues will have to ward off both the Nashville Predators and Chicago Blackhawks to hold onto top spot in the Central Division. Home-ice advantage is what the Blues are playing for and every point counts at this point in the season.

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