Brendan Burke an inspiration for equality

Erich Lenz, San Diego, Calif.

When I opened my latest issue of THN (March 1), the first story I came across was that of Brendan Burke’s.

What a refreshing, thoughtful and important topic to write on. As a gay man who serves his country with pride, loves hockey and does not meet the stereotypes that people perceive when it comes to the LGBT community, I was blown away to see such a story rise in your magazine.

I feel what was said, humanizing a person who is different than the “mainstream,” is important for not just sports, but civil society overall to become more tolerant and understanding.

Burke was a trailblazer, especially when we read how close a hockey team can be and for many, how religious it is.

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I want to thank THN for being its own trailblazer in sports and covering this story. It is unfortunate it ended the way it did and I am sure Mr. Burke’s friends, family and teammates will miss someone with enough courage and strength to say “Hey this is me, accept it or move on.”

I certainly can say he is an inspiration to me and wish I had half the courage he did. My condolences to all who knew him and I hope this article will stir the debate on equality for all people on both sides of the border and throughout the globe in all fields, not just sports.