Brett Hull surprised by Tiger Woods’ remarks about hockey

There were many people in the NHL community who were floored and angered Monday when golf superstar Tiger Woods told reporters “I don’t think anybody watches hockey anymore.”

And you can most assuredly count Dallas Stars co-GM Brett Hull among those who were most shocked.

“It’s unfortunate that he would say that, because there’s a guy I really admire,” Hull told Wednesday. “I look to him as a Wayne Gretzky type of person that always does the right things and says the right things, not only for his sport but as an ambassador for sport in general.

Woods’ insults seemed particularly baffling to Hull given his previous experience meeting the world’s No. 1 golfer when Hull was still an active player for the Stars.

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“I remember him coming into (Dallas’) dressing room with (fellow golfer) Mark O’Meara in ’99, when we were in the conference final against Colorado,” Hull said. “He seemed to be a hockey fan then, and I know he’s played golf with Wayne before, so I’m really surprised he said that.”

Hull also told THN he wouldn’t be able to participate in the NHL’s upcoming goalie equipment working group scheduled to meet June 11 in Toronto, as he was needed by the Stars to help with a new arena being built for the organization’s American League affiliate in Austin, Texas.