Brodeur a sure thing for No. 1

John Newport, Wawa, Ont.

I’m writing this in regards to the “Longing for Luongo” letter in the Dec. 28 issue of The Hockey News.

The statement that Martin Brodeur doesn’t steal games like Roberto Luongo is utterly ridiculous.
Martin Brodeur is the greatest “money” goaltender of all time, not to mention the straight up greatest of all time.

Yes, Luongo is a great goalie, but to say that Brodeur doesn’t have any tough games like Luongo is totally false.

Brodeur had the top GAA in the ’02 Olympics and the ’04 World Cup. He was also by far Canada’s best player at the ’06 Olympics.

Luongo had to come in and save the day at the ’04 World Cup, because Brodeur hurt his wrist, but their is a reason they decided to put Brodeur in net for the championship game: he has the big-game experience and thrives under pressure.

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When the Devils won the Stanley Cup in ’03, he managed set a record of seven shutouts in the playoffs (three in the final); more proof of him thriving under pressure.

Stepping up when the heat’s turned up is something Luongo failed to show in last year’s playoffs against the Blackhawks. Plus, we all know Luongo is a slow starter and that is the last thing we need at the Olympics.

So I say go with the sure thing, the ever-consistent and “All Time Winningest Goaltender,” Martin Brodeur.