Bryzgalov gets dangerous with awesome Darkwing Duck mask

Ilya Bryzgalov has a new mask, and he’s getting a bit dangerous. The eccentric netminder’s new lid features ‘90s cartoon superhero Darkwing Duck and his trusty RatCatcher motorcycle.

If there weren’t enough reasons to like
Ilya Bryzgalov, the Anaheim Ducks netminder added another. Dave Gunnarson of DaveArt shared Bryzgalov’s new lid today, and it’s chock full of ‘90s cartoon nostalgia. The mask features classic cartoon superhero Darkwing Duck riding his RatCatcher motorcycle, and while one side captures the hero side of the childhood favorite, the other shows the much funnier, much clumsier side of the Masked Mallard.

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Bryz Mask Right
Bryz Mask Left It’s fitting that the Ducks, who used to be owned by Disney, would have a goaltender wearing an old Disney character on his mask. And Bryz couldn’t have chosen a better hero. Now Anaheim just has to hope the eccentric netminder can use the new mask as a Launchpad to some victories.