Canada back down? No w-eh!

Dan Snell, Scarborough, Ont.

I can live with people ragging on Nickelback when they have piles of money to comfort them, but I have a really hard time agreeing with Ken Campbell’s column in the Dec. 14 issue on the World Junior Championship. In keeping with the Canadian spirit of eating our own, Campbell infers that Canada’s dominance over the past six tournaments makes it no longer compelling to the average fan or perhaps more importantly, the rest of the world.

Well sooooorry, what do you suggest we do, be less dominant? The fact is, Canada has the best junior-eligible players in the world; a fact that should be celebrated, not stripped down and minimized.

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In fact, there are a half-dozen eligible players on NHL rosters at the moment, proving that Canada could be even more dominant.

So Mr. Campbell, while you are at it, why don’t you tell the Yankees to be less good at baseball, Kobe to stop winning NBA titles and the Brazilians to be a weaker soccer power.