Canadians trapped themselves

When are Canadian coaches going to stop sliding into a defensive shell as soon as they get a two-goal lead?

I didn’t get to the Canada-Russia gold medal game until halfway through the second period only to see attack after attack by the Russians, while the Canadians iced the puck.

With a 4-2 lead, I can only imagine how much better the first half of the hockey game was.

I’m a Habs fan and watched them blow two-goal leads too many times this season not to foresee the outcome of this game. I knew from the start of the third period the Russians were going to win gold.

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Isn’t the object of the game to put more pucks in the net than the other team? Why do they stop doing that after getting a two-goal lead? It makes no sense to me.

Frank Legere, Saint John, N.B.