Canucks’ Chris Higgins and Brad Richardson behead Bruins, Blackhawks in trick shot challenge

Things are going well in Vancouver and to celebrate wingers Chris Higgins and Brad Richardson face off in a trick shot competition. Watch as they attempt to behead some faceless Bruins and Blackhawks.

Things have been going pretty well for the Vancouver Canucks this season, and wingers Chris Higgins and Brad Richardson decided to have a little bit of a trick shot challenge to celebrate the good times.

While they may not exactly be super snipers the likes of Steven Stamkos or Sidney Crosby, they certainly put some force behind a few aimed tennis balls, especially when it comes to aiming for the helmets of some of their fiercest rivals:

This is certain to fill a few of you with envy. Isn’t it all of our dreams to take the sticks off the rack and let a few shots fly while you’re looking through a sports store?

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It’s hard to really decide who’s the winner in this one. Both knocked a helmet off, both took down quite a few water bottles, and Richardson can tape an entire stick faster, for whatever that’s worth. If anything, the nod goes to Higgins for knocking the discs out of Joey’s hands.

As for the loser, that’s definitely Joey, who donned the zebra stripes to referee the competition and, in the end, got pelted by a few big league caliber shots. That one to the stomach didn’t seem like something he was too fond of.