Canucks’ Eddie Lack defends his crease with blocker punches

Eddie Lack lost his helmet and his temper on Friday night. The Canucks goalie delivered a few blocker punches to Calgary’s Brandon Bollig after a scrum at the Vancouver net in Game 2.

Canucks goalie Eddie Lack showed some fire on Friday, throwing a few punches with his blocker after a scrum at the Vancouver net.

Most of Lack’s goalie-gloved fury was directed at the Calgary Flames’ Brandon Bollig, who accidentally-on-purpose fell on him at the end of a play in the second period.

Several Canucks and Flames joined the tussle, but Lack only had eyes for Bollig.

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The Canucks goalie lost his helmet but kept feeding punches to Bollig, who remained buried under one of the refs.

Bollig and the Canucks’ Luca Sbisa received penalties on the play.

Lack was not penalized.