Canucks forget to win hockey game, Dale Weise slew foot suspension next?

The Vancouver Canucks came out to send a message to the Los Angeles Kings Monday night and get payback for Dustin Brown’s run-in with Roberto Luongo last time they played. But they let that get in the way of a good hockey game and forgot to, you know, win it.

One benefit of having the best PK in the league?

You can take 67 penalty minutes and go shorthanded six times in two periods without giving a damn.

The Canucks, retaliating from Dustin Brown‘s run-in on Roberto Luongo last game, came out with a Zack Kassian hooking penalty nine seconds into the game and had 27 more PIMs 2:24 later. Those were all courtesy Tom Sestito.

In a game that quickly became more about the antics than the points, the Canucks pushed back hard on a Kings team they have a rough recent history with. John Tortorella’s influence? He seemed to be enjoying the heat on the bench.

Ryan Kesler fought Brown – making American hockey fans nervous – and Matt Greene fought Kevin Bieksa. The two teams totalled 109 penalty minutes between them, which was helped along by five misconducts. It was odd seeing the Canucks take this form and at times it was like they were forcing it.

Times like these, by Dale Weise. Should this undeniable slew foot be ruled on by Brendan Shanahan?

This one actually wasn’t called by either official, despite how despicable it was. The league has targeted slew footing before and Weise was suspended three games in the pre-season, but Doughty only got ticked off – he didn’t miss any ice time.

What’s the point in pulling that stunt in the open? Los Angeles’ Jordan Nolan had something to say about the mood on the ice to the television broadcast after the game:

“We just don’t like them much.”

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The NHL sells hate, that’s no secret. And that, quite honestly, can create riveting games. Rarely do the shenanigans get in the way of intriguing hockey, but tonight was, overall, one of the outliers. The Canucks handed out seven power plays without regard, completely disrespecting a Kings power play that then earned the disdain by not converting any of them.

So Vancouver lost 1-0 to a team that only managed 20 shots with an effort that seemed they were willing to trade the two points for an opportunity to throw down a little. I mean, Vancouver had Bieksa in front of the net on their power play at one point. Here is the only goal scored in the game and even it was a stinker.

*Note to Team Canada: the rush occurred off a (left-handed) Dan Hamhuis turnover to Dustin Brown at the blueline.

Maybe there’s a moral victory in here somewhere. The NHL could be awarding a point for that now, you know. But Tuesday the Canucks will still be behind the Kings in the standings.



No Kevin. No.