Canucks stuck with Canadiens banner after Montreal Movember domination

After losing a friendly Movember fundraising bet, the Vancouver Canucks have changed their social media banners to celebrate the Montreal Canadiens.

At the outset of Movember, the Montreal Canadiens and Vancouver Canucks made a friendly wager: whichever organization raised less money throughout the campaign had to take a bit of pride for the other team in the form of a blog and social media banners. The banner shows a Canadiens fan holding up a “Go Habs Go” sign inside the Rogers Arena:

Canucks Habs Twitter This is the third consecutive year the teams have battled it out for Movember donation supremacy, but makes back-to-back years that the Canadiens have come out on top. In fact, in the Canucks blog praising the Canadiens contributions, it’s written that not only did Montreal win, they “wiped the floor” with the Canucks. Sadly, the banner celebrating the Canadiens will only remain active for one day. Maybe next season the two fundraising opponents can raise the stakes.

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