Canucks team-building exercises provide treasure trove of laughs

The Vancouver Canucks hired Perry Pearn this summer and he brought with him some fun team-building exercises. Thankfully for you, the whole thing was caught on tape. Watch out for the “land mines”!

In almost any job, there will be a time when you’re expected to undertake a few team-building exercises. Often filled with a fair share of embarrassing moments, it’s a good thing there isn’t ever a camera around.

Thankfully, however, there was one pinned on the Vancouver Canucks during their team-building exercises recently. Be it the shootout competition, an odd land mine exercise, or what assistant coach Perry Pearn refers to as “the skis” – you’ll understand when you see it – CanucksTV caught the whole thing on tape:

Whether it’s Alex Burrows barking directions at his teammates or the jubilation shown by a group of grown men who put a bucket of water on the ground with their bare feet, this video is packed with hilarity.

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Hired during the off-season as an assistant coach, Pearn’s experience with these exercises is evident. After all, he’s been an assistant coach throughout the league since 1995 when he worked the Winnipeg Jets bench during their original incarnation.

The message Pearn is sending is clear in these drills: everyone needs to be working as one cohesive unit for success. And though we can’t be sure quite yet if the Canucks will ever bust out some on-ice piggybacks, we can be sure of one thing: if the power play struggles at any point throughout the year, the Canucks might be getting back on the skis.