Capital idea

I read latest issue of The Hockey News and noticed my favorite team’s owner, Ted Leonsis, was in the letters section.

I continued to read and discovered after the years of putting up with the team getting rid of Capitals icons, horrible teams, and puzzled looks when I tell another hockey fan my favorite team, he gives OPPOSING FANS free tickets and signed jerseys.

I have went to Washington from N.J. for years to see the Capitals. I have spent countless thousands of dollars on tickets, jerseys, hats, t-shirts, food and drinks at games.

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In an arena where I’m usually ashamed that the visiting fans are outnumbering the home crowd, now I see why that is so.

For all we know that Rangers fan is wiping his butt with that jersey!

Remember who is supporting your team, Ted.
Carol McCarthy, Raritan, N.J.