Capitals superstar Alex Ovechkin donates All-Star Game car to charity

Capitals star Alex Ovechkin loudly and proudly lobbied, and received, a new car at the 2015 NHL All-Star Game in Columbus. Monday, just outside of Washington, he picked up the car – which will be auctioned off and go to a charity near and dear to Ovechkin’s heart.

Capitals superstar Alex Ovechkin used much of his time at the 2015 NHL All-Star Game in Columbus lobbying to secure a car for charity, and he was eventually able to deliver on that noble intent. On Monday, just outside of Washington, he picked up the car in person.

After traveling out to Falls Church, Va., Ovechkin visited with a local car dealer, where he picked up a Honda that is going be auctioned off for his charity of choice. In this case, the auction’s proceeds are going to benefit the American Special Hockey Association through the funding of team, tournament and camp grants for players with develop­mental disa­bilities. And Ovechkin looked more than happy to be there:

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Ovechkin has been involved with the ASHA since September of last year, when he met with a handful of local teams during training camp and came to know some of the association’s players. Once of those players was 10-year-old Ann Schaab, who charmed him into go on a sushi date with her and her family. Schaab was also present at the dealership Monday to see Ovechkin again, and the 29-year-old Capitals was pleased to see her and to give back to the community he’s been a big part of since his first NHL season in 2005.

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“I’ve been in Washington almost 10 years,” Ovechkin told “I have [a] situation where I can help the kids. If somebody [has] a little bit to give away, you’re going to be much happier and the people who are going to get it are going to be much happier as well.”

Ovechkin has his share of critics over his on-ice play – and really, which NHL player doesn’t? – but you can never criticize the super scorer’s heart away from the game.