Career firsts for Chris Chelios

Detroit’s Chris Chelios made the headlines again when he passed ole Moe Roberts to become the second oldest player to play in the NHL. At almost 46, Chelios still needs six more seasons to pass Gordie Howe.

How long has Chelios been around? Well, he was being conceived when Chicago last won the Stanley Cup in 1961; in diapers when President Kennedy was assassinated in 1963; in Grade 3 when the Beatles broke up in 1970.

Here are 10 early career firsts for Chelios and their proximity to when some active NHL stars were born.

10. 1979: First junior-A game with Moose Jaw (SJHL). Joe Thornton is born.

9. 1980: NHL scouts notice him and project him as a second-rounder. Sedin twins are born.

8. 1981: First NCAA game with Wisconsin (WCHA). Dany Heatley is born.

7. 1982: Chelios starts an NCAA championship season with Badgers. Marian Gaborik is born.

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6. 1983: Joins the U.S. national team at 21. Ilya Kovalchuk is born.

5. 1984: Chelios plays in the Sarajevo Winter Olympics. Rick Nash is born.

4. 1985: First full season in the NHL with Montreal. Dion Phaneuf is born.

3. 1986: Wins his first Stanley Cup with Montreal. Evgeni Malkin is born.

2. 1987: Chelios gets under the skin of an opponent for the 100th time. Sidney Crosby is born.

1. 1988: The first and only 20-goal season of his NHL career. Patrick Kane is born.

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