Carolina class

Matt Fernando, Massapequa, N.Y.

As a diehard Islanders fan, I wanted to acknowledge something extremely classy the Carolina Hurricanes did during their last trip to the Island.

I’m an Islanders season ticket holder and at every home game during a TV timeout, the Islanders welcome back a local veteran who has served in the armed forces, be it Iraq, Afghanistan, wherever.

The Islanders stand, bang their sticks on the board in appreciation and sit down.

Now, on most of the other teams that come in, you’ll see one or two guys do that. A few stand up, some bang their sticks while sitting for a few seconds, but most just sit there.

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The entire Hurricanes team stood for the whole segment (about a minute) and even the coaches were applauding…something I had never seen before.

I wanted to say that it did not go unnoticed and was greatly appreciated.

It was a classy display by the Hurricanes organization that really exemplifies why hockey is the greatest sport around.