Catfish-tossing Predators fans reveal how they smuggled them into Bridgestone Arena

A few fans threw catfish on the ice in Game 3 of the Predators/Ducks series – and revealed exactly how they did it. But should they have done it at all?

It’s toss-everything-onto-the-ice-at-every-NHL-playoff game week, apparently. Bracelets on Ed Snider night in Philadelphia. Beer on Denis Potvin (!!!) at Islanders games. And, in Game 3 of the Nashville Predators’ first-round tilt with the Anaheim Ducks: catfish. Three of them, to be exact. Each weighed between 12 and 18 pounds.

The gentlemen who performed the Music City playoff ritual Tuesday revealed the blow-by-blow details of how they did it via this YouTube video, posted Wednesday:

Yep, the the key was using a whole lot of plastic wrap, keeping the fish tight to the body and easily concealable under a bloused hockey sweater.

Two of the perpetrators, Austin Casselman and Wes Collins, spoke with local ABC affiliate WKRN-TV about their plan, dubbed ‘Operation: Fat Cat.’ The smuggling was challenging enough, but the smell and the juices from the fish were the toughest thing to endure:

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Ugh. It’s one thing to throw matter that never lived onto the ice, like plastic rats in Florida, but the real-animals thing has always appalled me, even the decades-old octopus tradition in Detroit. The catfish were long dead, I know, but that’s at the very least still a mighty waste of food. They essentially died for seconds of entertainment.

What do you think? A fun playoff tradition or a needlessly offensive stunt? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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