Celebrity overtime: Five questions with Cloverfield star Jessica Lucas

Gracepoint and Cloverfield star Jessica Lucas may live in L.A., but she’s still a hockey-loving Vancouver girl at heart. We caught up with her to chat Kings, Canucks and more.

Stars like hockey too, and everyone once in a while they’re more interested in chatting up last night’s game than they are in pontificating about their latest TV or film projects. In this weekly feature, we take five minutes with various celebrities to discuss their love of the good old-fashioned game.

Jessica Lucas might be living in Los Angeles to star in TV roles like Cult, Friends with Benefits and the current David Tennant series Gracepoint (not to mention a slew of films like Cloverfield and Evil Dead), but she still misses her days in Vancouver rooting for the Canucks.

Q: You’re a Vancouver native, is it safe to say you’re a Canucks gal?

A: The Canucks, yeah for sure, I have to root for my home team!

Q: Did you catch any games when they made it to the Cup a couple of years ago?

A: Yes, I was in Vancouver for that! When we lost to Boston. Ugh that was heartbreaking. And then the subsequent riots, that was crazy.

Q: Did you get caught up in any of that?

A: I was downtown for all of that stuff. That was insane. Luckily I was in a bar, so I watched it on TV and thought, ‘It’s probably time to go home.’ So I got out of there pretty quickly.

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Q: Favourite player?

A: Ryan Kesler’s gone now, but he’s great. Or Burrows I think. Also the Sedin twins — watch out there!

Q: Do you get to games in California?

A: I do. I will go whenever the Canucks are in town playing the Kings. I go with my manager or fellow Canadians here that are into hockey. I’ve been trying to get some of my friends into it. Sadly, they’re not as into it as I would like them to be.

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