Change the points system

Here’s an idea to change the NHL that you can actually use.

I hear people complaining about the point system and how a losing team is rewarded for simply making it to overtime or the shootout. Here’s how to change the system.

First, we scrap the loser point and only reward winning. Now we’ll adopt a progressive system that makes each passing minute more intense.

If a team wins in regulation, just like in European football leagues (or soccer for you American/Canadian football fans), they get three points. If a team wins in the five-minute sudden death overtime period, they get two points. If the game goes to a shootout, the winner will receive only one point.

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This system will put more emphasis on the offensive aspect of the game, and allow for more competitive and intense third periods, overtimes and shootouts, where every goal could be the difference between three points and zero points.

James Neeson, Toronto, Ont.