Check out Chris Kreider’s superhuman pool jump

Game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals shed light on a fun video: Chris Kreider’s impressive leap out of a pool. See the Ranger forward’s jumping prowess for yourself.

The “eye test” isn’t everything in sports. Concepts like Moneyball have even taught us not to let our peepers bias us when evaluating talent. But, boy, it’s easy to see why the New York Rangers are excited about power forward Chris Kreider.

This video isn’t the newest thing in town but, hey, it aired during CBC’s Stanley Cup final Game 1 telecast. It’s topical. Again. Check out Kreider’s explosive standing jump out of a pool here:

He shows remarkable explosiveness and leg strength bursting out of the water like a superhero. And yes, that landing zone looks horribly unsafe. More slippery than the Crocodile Miie. Remember the Crocodile Mile? Kreider’s parents and the Rangers must have had heart palpitations. What if he slipped?

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In this case, the eye test and the numbers end up partnering nicely. Big, strong, powerful kid becomes big, strong NHL forward and that translates to goals and a healthy dose of hits.

Wonder what Kreider will do for an encore?

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