Check out Red Bull Munich’s awesome lederhosen look

On Sunday, Red Bull Munich wore an excellent lederhosen jersey-pants-socks combination that is a sight to behold. They do this every year and change the design. Would you buy this jersey?

Red Bull Munich wore some excellent jerseys on the weekend that we just have to draw your attention to. Now, this isn’t anything new to the team. Munich annually wears a lederhosen-style jersey-pants-socks combination for Oktoberfest celebrations, though they change the design. On Sunday, the team cracked out this year’s look against Dusseldorf – a game which Munich won 4-3. How awesome are these jerseys?

munich-644 To see more,
check out the team’s website. Making it even better is the video the team has to accompany it. The jerseys are one thing, but the arena entertainment makes me wants to attend a pro hockey game in Germany. Note the beer bottle t-shirt cannon, the nailboard competition and – completing the full German stereotype – a game to see who can hold up a glass of beer the longest.

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