Check out these fascinating, eerie NHL photos shot with an infrared camera

Renowned hockey photographer Bruce Bennett experimented with an infrared camera at a couple recent games and the results are cool and eerie.

It’s been said elite athletes see their sport through a different set of eyes. Apparently, the same can be said of photographers. Renowned hockey shooter Bruce Bennett, who has captured frozen images of hockey’s biggest moments since the 1970s, recently tinkered with an infrared camera during a couple games: Washington-Anaheim at the Honda Center March 18 and Phoenix-New Jersey in Newark March 27. The results are fascinating, bordering on eerie, like something out of an old-school sci-fi film.

Washington Capitals v Anaheim Ducks Bennett said the experiment originated when he was trying to figure out what to do with an older camera – a Canon Mark III – that was still in decent shape, but not nearly as good as the newer models. With it having little resale value, he challenged himself to find a use for it.
Phoenix Coyotes v New Jersey Devils Eventually, he got the idea to go infrared, had the camera converted and put the trial into play. Bennett says most infrared photography is outdoors, where the light is more prevalent and the effects are dramatic. “I simply had no idea what to expect when using the camera inside at a hockey game,” he says. “And that’s what makes the whole process a lot of fun.” And fun to look at.
Washington Capitals v Anaheim Ducks    

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