Chicago’s Campbell has idea what to expect in Winter Classic against Detroit

CHICAGO – Chicago Blackhawks defenceman Brian Campbell has an advantage going into this year’s Winter Classic against Detroit at Wrigley Field.

Campbell suited up for the Buffalo Sabres in last year’s instalment of the outdoor NHL game against the Pittsburgh Penguins, and he has an idea what to expect from this year’s edition – especially if it snows again.

“(The snow) can be a huge dilemma for your team,” Campbell said in a conference call on Thursday. “Last year, the snow that was on the ice, you could not honestly take a slap shot from one end to the other on the ice and get it all the way down there. At times, there’s just so much snow.

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“But both teams played with it, so that was the fun part about it.”

Campbell says he’s started trying early to gather tickets for family and friends for the Jan. 1 game. He says the game should be a big draw.

“You can’t paint a better picture, and hopefully this year, it’s been promoted a lot more and fans know about it,” he said. “You know, it’s something that they can do on New Year’s Day.

“The fans, they can watch it on TV and enjoy it, and live that kind of life of having our game outdoors.”