Chris Drury of the Sabres moving on after controversial hit by Chris Neil

“I’ve seen it probably more than I want to,” Drury said Thursday of the widely-broadcast hit. “I’m not a guy that’s going to be commenting too much on it.

“It’s over with.”

Sporting a gash and bruise around a right eye that is deeply reddened after 20 stitches to repair the deep cut, Drury didn’t want to get into a war of words with Neil, who believes the hit – which Buffalo coach Lindy Ruff called dirty – was legal. The centre has chosen to look forward instead of back.

“I’d rather be playing than not playing,” he said during his first comments with reporters since the controversial collision. “That’s frustrating, but being mad or angry or upset isn’t going to get me back sooner.

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“I don’t want to be carrying that baggage around.”

Drury said he was knocked out by the hit and doesn’t remember it, but he never experienced a headache of any kind afterward.

“My eye hurt, but other than that there weren’t any other symptoms,” he said. “Overall, I guess I got pretty lucky.”

He has been ruled out of this weekend’s games against Montreal and Toronto, but is optimistically targeting a return Wednesday when Buffalo plays at home against Colorado.

“Every day is another step,” he said.

Co-captain Daniel Briere returned to practice on Thursday after missing a Tuesday game against Toronto because of the flu and will play on Friday against Montreal.