Chris Therien

Status: NHL defenseman from 1994-2006 with Philadelphia Flyers and Dallas Stars. Currently serves as a radio color commentator for the Flyers.

Ht: 6-foot-5 Wt: 235 pounds

DOB: Dec. 14, 1971 In: Ottawa, Ont.

First Hockey Memory:
“Well, I grew up in Ottawa, so, I had access to the Rideau Canal which was obviously my home skating rink. I remember watching the Montreal Canadiens, the Ottawa 67s. It was a long time ago. Grew up watching major junior hockey and the local OHL team.”

Nickname: “Well, everyone calls me ‘Bundy’ that’s what I’ve been since I’ve been in the NHL. When I played and now.”

Hockey Inspirations: “Larry Robinson. Guy Lafleur. Wayne Gretzky. A lot of the Canadien team. My favorite team, of course, is the Montreal Canadiens. My dad was a Canadien fan growing up. I would say just about everything and all Montreal Canadiens at the time.”

Last Book Read:
“A book called Adrenaline by Jeff Abbott. Fast-paced, action thriller.”

First Job: “Paperboy. Ottawa Citizen.”

First Car: “Was a Jeep Grand Cherokee.”

Current Car:
“Cadillac Escalade.”

Greatest Sports Moment: “First game in the NHL, Spectrum.”

Most Painful Moment: “My last game (laughs). I left, I had concussion problems and that was really about it. I just knew my time was probably about up and that journey was over.”

Favorite Uniforms: “Philadelphia Flyers, great uniforms. (Number two?) Chicago Blackhawks.”

Favorite Arena: “Madison Square Garden.”

Closest Hockey Friends:
“Craig Berube, Luke Richardson, Dan McGillis, Eric Desjardins was my mentor, my partner for years.”

Funniest Players Encountered:
“Gilbert Dionne was a really funny guy. A lot of guys. Funniest…I mean there’s a lot of them. Brian Boucher is a funny guy. Dionne used to sing and dance and stuff. It was just hilarious the way he would clap his hands and he’d…he was a really funny guy. I was young too at that time.”

Toughest Competitors Encountered: “Jaromir Jagr. Great competitor. Peter Forsberg. Steve Yzerman. Joe Sakic. Mario Lemieux – I guess more great skill. He didn’t have to compete hard, he was that good.”

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Most Memorable Goal: “My first one. Against Washington in Philadelphia. Everybody remembers their first goal. Against Rick Tabaracci, upstairs. I think it ricocheted off maybe someone’s uniform, upstairs over his blocker.”

Embarrassing Hockey Memory: “We’ve all had ’em, getting beat one on one, turnovers.”

Favorite Sport Outside Hockey: “Baseball, hands down. (Phillies fan?) Ah, Yankees.”

Funny Hockey Memory:
“Every single day I walked into the rink. I mean, that’s the truth. I mean, just being around 20-25 guys, there’s a lot that could go on. It gets pretty funny. I mean, it’s a great experience.”

Strangest Game: “I think we had a 5-2 lead in Vancouver one night with three minutes to go. We ended up losing in overtime. What I remember the most is we had our own power play with two minutes to go. Yeah, that was ugly. I think Mogilny got the game-winner.”

Favorite Player(s) To Watch: “Claude Giroux is pretty unique. I get to watch him every night now that I do radio. I get to see my own players, but Giroux is pretty special talent. Drew Doughty is a nice player. Great hockey player. He’s great skating, fun to watch him. Chara, I think, is just a really, really unique talent, for the size that he has and his ability to play the way he does.”

Personality Qualities Most Admired:
“People who are fun. People who care a lot about the game. Guys who compete hard. They really leave it at the rink. You’re paid to be professionals, but while you can be professional, make sure that you can enjoy every second of it. Because you’re playing a kid’s game. You’re getting paid to play it. A game that you grew up loving and enjoying. And you may as well make the most of the opportunity.”

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