City of Brotherly what?

Dear Hockey News,

Myself, and surely a large number of other Boston Bruin fans, are outraged at the reaction that Philadelphia Flyer supporters had after Boston defenseman Andrew Alberts rose from the ice on November 26th.

Alberts, having been hit from behind by the Flyers’ Scott Hartnell, was helped to his knees by Bruins trainer Don Del Negro and, to the surprise of many, was booed as he was doing so.

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Um what? The least that they could do would be to show some remorse. Cheer a little for goodness sake!

This is not the first time a Flyer has dealt a dirty hit to a Bruin. Patrice Bergeron was the first victim and now Alberts is the second. I just don’t get the Philly fans’ mindset.

Their actions represent that eliminating the enemy is more important than anything else.


Nancy O’Neil, Saugus, Mass.