Claude Giroux pulls elementary school gag, wipes snot on referee before faceoff

Philadelphia Flyers captain Claude Giroux needed to wipe his nose before a faceoff during last night’s game, and, with a linesman’s back turned, he made good use of the striped jersey to take care of business.

We’ve all been there: you’ve got to blow your nose or wipe it and you’re scrambling around looking for something to use. On Tuesday night, Philadelphia Flyers captain Claude Giroux came up with his own solution.

In the dying minutes of the first period, as a faceoff was about to happen in the Tampa Bay zone, Giroux saw the referee turn to face the Lightning center Brian Boyle. Giroux quickly wiped his nose and patted the linesman on the back, the old elementary school gag:

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As we all know, NHL players can be creatures of habit. A little bit of good luck here or there can create a superstition that spans an entire career. After Giroux’s nose-wiping antics, he assisted on a Wayne Simmonds marker in the same shift, the Flyers only of the game.

That sound you hear is linesmen around the league hoping, praying, that this doesn’t turn into a tradition for Giroux.