Clueless panelists leave me flabbergasted

I’m hoping you’ll publish this, as I am very curious about your readers’ opinion on this matter.

While watching the Calgary-Dallas game, during the first intermission, three so-called “experts” were posed a question.

First, let me say I was shocked the question was being asked and really stunned, I mean to the point that this bitter old guy’s jaw dropped open, at the answer put forth by all three.

The question was: Should players be banned from removing their helmets in a fight?


All three of the panelists said yes!


The three talking heads were Keith Jones, Mike Milbury and Pierre McGuire.

The twitchy, bench-trespassing, overloud little “monster” harped about workplace safety.

I’m extremely curious as to whether any of your readers feel the same way?

As mentioned I was just shocked, stunned and flabbergasted!

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I believe that to remove ones helmet before beginning to battle is one of the best demonstrations of gentlemanly conduct you are likely to see in hockey. It shows admirable courage and respect.

To me, this is a beautiful thing to do, and one of the few things in hockey I would proudly show my child.

I further believe there are more games lost to hands being broken from smacking helmets than there are to players removing helmets and banging their heads on the ice.

Everyone seems to always talk about hockey’s problems. The only problem I see is that in some cases we have real, genuine, pessimists either in charge of making decisions or in critiquing the game.

Brian Curtis, Brooks, Alta.