College player throws perfect hip check, sends opponent flying

Maybe the hip check isn’t a lost art. Watch a University of New Brunswick defender send an opponent from St. Francis Xavier player flipping through the air with a perfectly executed hip check.

There’s been a lot of talk about the lost art of the hip check following Dmitry Kulikov’s low hit on Tyler Seguin, so let Matt Petgrave from University of New Brunswick show you exactly how to deliver one.

During game one of the AUS Semifinal best-of-five series between UNB and St. Francis Xavier, Steven Kuhn cut through the neutral zone towards the UNB zone. As St. FX’s Kuhn crossed the blueline, Petgrave cut across and delivered a perfectly executed hip check that sent Kuhn flipping through the air. (Video courtesy of Nick Murray on Vine)

Sure, Kuhn got right back up, but one has to imagine he’ll think twice about cutting into the middle of the ice with Petgrave out there. Getting sent for a ride like Kuhn did certainly isn’t the most fun thing to do while on the ice.

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UNB went on to win the first game of the series 5-2 on the strength of a three-goal third period. Game two goes tonight at 7 p.m. AST and can be watched live at