Columbus mocks Department of Player Safety with Johnson All-Star video

The Columbus Blue Jackets mocked the NHL’s Department of Player Safety, listing reasons why Jack Johnson should be voted into the All-Star Game. Jody Shelley’s monotone makes the entire thing hilarious.

Earlier this season, Jack Johnson was suspended and was the center of one of the Department of Player Safety’s infamous suspension videos. Now, the Blue Jackets have released a similar video of their own, this time in an attempt to make Johnson an all-star.

The mock Department of Player Safety video is ironically hosted by Jody Shelley, he of more than 1,500 penalty minutes in the NHL. From start to finish, Shelley’s monotone makes the All-Star Fan Vote campaign video hilarious.

For fans of FX’s It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, there’s a nice homage to the series with the first point of the campaign, that being “Rock, Flag, and Eagle.” Other than that, the best moment comes when Shelley looks off camera after telling fans that “American hero” Johnson is, “too good for his own… good.”

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While Johnson is going to have a tough time getting selected for the game with the ridiculous amount of votes Blackhawks fans are giving to their players, this video should be enough to get Johnson at least a bit of a push.