Congratulation Alfredsson on Game 1,000

Devin Stratton, Carleton Place

Congratulations, Daniel Alfredsson. I feel so thankful and proud that I have been able to watch Alfie play for my home team for 1,000 games.

The city of Ottawa truly could not ask for a more humble, hard-working, selfless and inspiring ambassador. His combination of skill, grit, character and dedication set him apart from 90 percent of the players who have played in the NHL.

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We, as a city, are indebted to him for everything – from bringing his all on every shift, to his outstanding community service, to his pay cut years back to help management piece together a contender.

As a teacher, I have trouble endorsing athletes as role models to my students. But not Alfie. In terms of sport, it’s hard to find a bigger hero that you never question supporting.

Thanks, Alfie.