Congratulations Marty Brodeur

Let me be among the multitude of people to congratulate Marty Brodeur on his 500th career win.

We have not seen the last to hit this prolific milestone. The shootout has proved to be a sure-fire way for goalies to add as many as 10 wins a season to their total record.

So how long until we see a 50-win season and the next 500-win man? It’ll probably be a while.

The only goalie that comes to mind in today’s NHL is Marc-Andre Fleury. He’s the youngest with a forty-win season under his belt. However, having said that, it is very difficult for goalies to hang around the league without the job security the old defensive styles afforded them.

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While it is not likely we have seen the last 500-win goalie in the NHL, it is still a wonderful accomplishment and one that should not be taken lightly.

Congratulations, Marty.

Matthew Onstad, Valencia, Calif.