Cops ask Montrealers to keep revelry under control as Habs come home

MONTREAL – Montreal’s police force issued six simple requests for residents of the hockey-mad city as it prepared to host quarter-final playoff games.

Don’t car-surf or sit atop a moving vehicle. Don’t drink in the street. Don’t join a crowd that looks like it might get unruly. Call 9-1-1 if you see a public disturbance and don’t get involved yourself. Report any incidents. And show some civic pride.

“After the last (home) game the (police) observed several problematic acts and would like to remind people of some important measures for everyone’s safety,” the force said in a statement.

That statement was issued Tuesday just hours before the Montreal Canadiens were set to host the Pittsburgh Penguins in the third and fourth games of their playoff series.

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Last week, an unruly crowd celebrated after the Habs eliminated the Washington Capitals.

The celebration was mostly peaceful, but some people tossed objects at police and at least one civilian car was dented by vandals. Police replied with tear gas.

The city has over the years developed a reputation for hockey-related violence, dating back to the 1955 Richard riot.

There was vandalism following Canadiens championships in 1986 and 1993, and a night of looting and arson following a first-round win over Boston in 2008.

The police force ended its news release with a simple wish: that the Canadiens would have good luck.