Cormier loses a fan

Bradshaw Furlong, Toronto

What Patrice Cormier did what disgusting. Not only did he hit Mikael Tam to the head, it was also with his elbow. Tam had convulsions on the ice and suffered a concussion, brain trauma and damaged teeth.

The doctors at the hospital said Tam could’ve died that night.

The sad part is, this isn’t even the first time Cormier has done something like this. He also elbowed Sweden’s Anton Rodin in the head at the world juniors.

Cormier might be talented, but stuff like this will make him a target in the NHL, no doubt.

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Frankly, if I were the disciplinarian for the QMJHL, I would not only suspend Cormier for the rest of this year and the playoffs, but also suspend him from playing junior hockey next year, which is his last year of eligibility.

I was a Cormier fan, but this and what he did at the world juniors has taken me right off his bandwagon. And I’m sure this is the same with numerous hockey fans around the world.