Craig Anderson’s new goalie mask features “ghost paint”

The Ottawa Senators netminder pays tribute to the masked men that came before him, but there are some special effects that you need to know about first

Goalie masks are officially getting complicated. Ottawa netminder Craig Anderson has a new design, which pays tribute to Senators alumni such as Patrick Lalime and Daniel Alfredsson (and is modelled after a Damian Rhodes mask) – but the look of the mask changes when heated up.

This won’t happen on the ice, but when you take a hairdryer to the helmet, images made by designer Sylvie Marsolais using “ghost paint” are revealed. Here’s a quick video of the process:

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Yep, that’s Marvin the Martian, the constantly-thwarted Bugs Bunny adversary who was a favorite of Lalime’s back in the day. Pretty cool stuff.

The mask news is a distant second when it comes to Anderson, of course. Just today, the Senators released a statement on behalf of Anderson and his wife Nicholle, regarding her cancer diagnosis. Nicholle is battling nasopharyngeal carcinoma, which will require chemotherapy and radiation.