Craig Anderson bamboozled by incredible Blackhawks goal

Chicago’s Patrick Kane made a devastating no-look pass to Artem Anisimov last night, leading to a goal that Ottawa’s Anderson is probably still asking his teammates about. Watch the sweetness…

The Ottawa Senators clipped Chicago 4-3 in overtime last night thanks to an incredible burst of speed by defenseman Erik Karlsson. And while that was clearly the most important goal of the night, it still ranks second in terms of sweetness. Check out the work put in by Patrick Kane on this set-up for Artem Anisimov:



Ye gods. You know how broadcasters will say “he didn’t see that shot” when a goalie gets beat sometimes? I’m pretty sure Craig Anderson still hasn’t seen that puck. And what was he supposed to do? That was just an incredibly skilled play by Kane and a quick, deft finish by Anisimov.

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Kane pushed his point streak to 21 games in the loss, but also got afterburned by Karlsson on the Mike Hoffman winner. Here’s a look at that beauty, too: