Crosby, MacKinnon surprise seven-year-old Nova Scotia boy fighting cancer

Sidney Crosby and Nathan MacKinnon were last seen together working at a Tim Hortons drive-thru, but the pair of Nova Scotian hockey stars made another appearance together when they surprised a seven-year-old boy who has been battling cancer for more than a year.

It’s hard to believe that a town of less than 30,000 could produce two no-brainer first overall draft picks, and harder yet to believe those two would become partners in crime, making a difference in their hometown during the offseason.

That’s exactly the case for Sidney Crosby and Nathan MacKinnon, however.

Over the past few days, Crosby and MacKinnon, who both hail from Cole Harbour, N.S., made headlines by working the drive-thru at a local Tim Hortons after a photo of the pair in full uniform was posted online. The drive-thru work was for a commercial for the coffee chain, so there was a reason why the pair was behind the counter. But Wednesday, the duo was back in the headlines, this time by trying to perform a good deed away from the camera.

Wednesday morning, a group consisting of family, friends and community members took to the backyard of the family of Bryan Caroll, a seven-year-old boy who has been valiantly fighting leukemia for more than a year. Into the afternoon, the community members spent time fixing the backyard up for the Caroll family, as Bryan isn’t able to get away from home often. Shortly after work was complete, two of Nova Scotia’s biggest hockey icons showed up.

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In a video shot from afar, Crosby and MacKinnon are seen speaking with the Caroll family and getting water guns filled up to go play with Bryan and his friends.

According to Global News, the community came together while Bryan and his family were away for an afternoon and returned home to find the completed backyard. On a Go Fund Me page, donations have been set up that will go to Bryan’s family.