Dallas Stars players rally around team employee battling cancer

Many people think the Dallas Stars team consists only of the players on the ice, but if you ask the players themselves, they’ll tell you the team is much bigger. And when an extended member of the Stars family was diagnosed with cancer last year, the players and organization were there to lend him support.

If you ask most hockey fans, the Dallas Stars team consists of the players on the ice. But if you ask the players themselves, they’ll tell you their team is much larger than that. They’ll tell you it includes more than just coaches and management and extends to people whom they encounter every day – people like Don Widdicombe, who for 15 years has worked at American Airlines Arena as the security guard posted outside the Stars’ dressing room. And when someone like that is struck by an illness that’s affected all corners of society, the players support them as they would any other teammate.

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Widdicombe was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2013, but he’s drawn inspiration from continuing to be around the team – and he was floored when the Stars honored him Oct. 28 by allowing him to drop the puck before their game against the St. Louis Blues:

Just the latest example of the fundamental decency of NHL players, and the effect they have on their communities.