Dallas Stars troll Jets by failing to come up with list of 10 things to do in Winnipeg

During Tuesday night’s game between the Dallas Stars and Winnipeg Jets, the Stars scoreboard operator took a crack at coming up with the top 10 things to do in Manitoba’s capital. The operator came up a bit short.

Even before they returned as an NHL town, Winnipeg was the punch line to many jokes. On Tuesday night, as the Jets visited Dallas, the Stars game operations joined in, throwing a playful jab at the city.

The joke, a top 10 list that stopped well short of reaching 10 points, was well-received by some, while others, in what some would call typical Winnipeg fashion, got rather defensive about the joke. If there’s really anything to get up in arms about though it’s the misuse of “then” and “than.”


This isn’t the first time Winnipeg has been used in pop culture – if we can call professional sports that – as the butt of a joke, however. The Simpsons has made reference to Manitoba’s capital, The Office had an episode based in the city, and classic comedy Get Smart once gave a nod to the city, if only to say that a pin showing a secret agent in Winnipeg was holding a map up.

It doesn’t end there, as Winnipeg-based band The Weakerthans scored a hit, whether intentional or otherwise, with their song One Great City, a song which has its greatest sing along moment during a chorus of, “I hate Winnipeg.” The song also makes reference to how, “the Guess Who suck, and the Jets were lousy anyway.” Ironically, you’ll find few who champion Winnipeg more than The Weakerthans frontman John K. Samson.

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As a proud Winnipegger myself, there’s a lot of wonderful things about the city if you can get over the cold. There’s an outdoor rink, if not two, at nearly every community center, you can skate on the rivers and lakes, and during the summer the temperatures are comparable to those of any other city. The attractions are incredible and the history is rich. And, to the Dallas scoreboard operator, Winnipeg doesn’t get nearly as much rain as Vancouver, so there’s that.

Such is the plight of the Winnipegger, though – always the bridesmaid, never the bride. I suppose for some, it’s just as The Simpsons quipped. “Now Entering Winnipeg: We were born here, what’s your excuse?”