Daniel Briere’s Fan Shootout Answers

Who do you think are the three best stickhandlers in the NHL?
– Chris Brnjas, Fergus, Ont.

There’s a lot of good stickhandlers but my top three would be Pavel Datsyuk, Tim Connolly and Alex Kovalev.

Which Sabres jersey do you prefer, the classic blue and gold or the modern black and red?
– Kevin David, Waterford, Wis.

I grew up watching the Sabres versus the Canadiens, so my early memories of the Sabres are as the old blue and gold jersey and that’s why I prefer the blue and gold.

Who is the toughest defenseman to play against in the league?
– Matt Fuller, Hammond, Ont.

The toughest defenseman to play against now in the NHL has to be Zdeno Chara, his size, speed and toughness make him very difficult to play against.

How does it feel to be a major part of a flourishing team?
– Brett Armstrong, Surrey, B.C.

It’s a great feeling to be part of our team who has flourished past expectations because every player on the team feels like they made a difference and had a role to play on the team.

What advice do you have for players who are very talented but small in stature?
– Enzo Salera, Montreal

I always say to smaller players to keep believing in themselves. Smaller players also have to find ways to outsmart big players on the ice and lastly, try to use the fact your smaller as motivation to prove people wrong about your status, it’s that motivation that has helped me get to the next level.

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How do you perform the perfect one-timer, as the shooter and the set-up man?
– Jake Dahl, Waukesha, Wis.

It takes a lot of practise to improve your one-timer skills, as a shooter you have to find where you like to have the puck when it gets to you, depending on the curve of your stick it could be on your front foot, between your legs or on your back foot, once you know that, you try to place yourself in the right position before the puck gets there and with lots of practise you should improve the speed of your one-timer and your accuracy.

As a set up guy, it’s important to find out where your linemates like to receive the puck and how hard they like to receive the puck for a better one-timer, your passes have to be perfect and when you hear about chemistry between players that’s one way to create it. Good luck.

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