David Frost resurfaces as Jim McCauley at California hockey academy

By Jonathan Davis

With temperatures reaching triple digits in Southern California the past couple of days it’s hard to believe “Frost bite” could ever occur, but that is exactly what has taken place in the city of Laguna Niguel.

Former NHL agent and the alleged intended target of a murder for hire by former NHLer Mike Danton, David Frost has resurfaced, this time under the name of Jim McCauley.  Frost, or McCauley, whatever you want to call him is part of the Laguna Hockey Academy where he writes protocols for hockey training equipment and, contrary to some reports, is not involved with coaching youngsters.

The same reports also indicated that one family removed their child from the academy upon learning McCauley’s true name is David Frost.  Frost denies any such incident could have taken place since the academy is not open to individuals for training, though players have been brought in on occasion for testing. However, the mission statement on the company’s website reads: “To provide players from any and all organizations or level the best hockey instruction both on and off the ice, in an envoronment that builds confidence and self esteem.”

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According to Frost, the academy is open to coaches who are at a USA Hockey level three or the international equivalent.  Coaches who qualify for the company’s testing program spend three days at the Academy to become proficient in the use of the equipment.  Most of the state of the art training equipment is built using synthetic ice and is an aid for many advanced skating and shooting drills.

Frost claims he is using the alias to avoid attracting a great deal of media attention whether it’s positive or negative for the Laguna Hockey Academy. The last name McCauley is his wife’s maiden name and Jim is his middle name.  In fact, McCauley states his three children have always used the last name McCauley well before any of his legal issues.

In fairness to Frost, he was quite candid with He provided complete access to the facility and answered any and all questions. There is a belief amongst Frost and the Laguna Hockey Academy executives that the negative press was created by some of their competition.