Devils do terrible marketing job

The New Jersey Devils have, by far, the worst marketing department in the NHL.

Forget the fact the Devils’ TV network is owned by the Rangers, for that warrants a novel to fully address the stupidity. When you have to compete with two teams who have been around longer than you have, one would think the Devils would at least try to gain some ground in the cluttered NY-area sports scene.

The Devils have a notorious history of doing absolutely nothing for their fans. Teams like the Rangers, who don’t even need the exposure, are out there on ridiculous tour buses, show commercials and give the jerseys off their backs to their fans.

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And the Devils? Jack squat.

Obviously recent on-ice success does not work. If it did, the building would be sold out every night. The Devils need to put forth some effort to attract fans. Why is it so hard to see that?

Peter Stern, Marlboro, N.J.