Doan a class act

Mark Bruner, Kingston, Ont.

I was reading the recent THN cover story on Shane Doan by Ken Campbell in the Nov. 2 issue and it reminded of a day last February when I had the pleasure of taking my seven-year-old nephew Mitchell from Abbey, Sask. (pop. 200) to his first NHL game in Phoenix.

It was quite a different story from this year as Phoenix was handed its sixth straight loss at home. Despite the team’s performance, Mitchell was excited from the warmup to the final buzzer.

After the game, we were fortunate to receive passes to meet some of the players. While some of the Phoenix players walked past the lineup of kids seeking an autograph, Shane Doan emerged and approached my star-struck nephew to shake his hand.

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Shane took the time to speak with him about his family and shared that he had a son, Tyson the same age and grew-up in a small town in southern Saskatchewan (Eston) not far from Abbey. 

The moment exemplified the class and character Ken Campbell highlighted in his article.

That day Doan left a lasting impression on all of us and confirmed why his legacy has extended far beyond his solid performance on the ice.