Doan, Fleury stories resonate in reality

Greg Thompson, Moline, Ill.

As a lifelong hockey fan, long-time subscriber to your publication and recovering alcoholic and drug addict, I found it comforting to know the life of recovery and service to others was discussed twice in one issue.

I have always been a fan of Theoren Fleury. Knowing we share the recovery process made me fonder of him. To hear a star athlete share his experience, strength and hope on your pages may save the life of another reader.

We are taught in the Alcoholics Anonymous program to give away what is so freely given to us. Fleury is doing that and it makes me covet my recovery that much more.

The article about Shane Doan (Nov. 2), yet again touched me when the story was told of Shane accompanying his father to help an alcoholic in need of assistance. Shane never forgot that valuable life lesson and has gone on to help others through his status as an athlete.

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I always appreciated Doan for his hockey talent and being a true professional. It is his work outside the rink, though, that makes me proud to call myself a Shane Doan fan.

Fleury and Doan show that not all athletes are the monsters the media seem to like us to believe most of them are. Just like Theoren Fleury, all I have is today, and for that I am truly grateful and blessed.

Thank you for this forum.