Don’t believe the hype

Mike Kavanagh, Little Neck, N.Y.

I can’t believe people believe this whole Balsillie spin machine that Bettman hates Canada.

Phoenix is a lousy franchise granted. But look at it from a non-hockey perspective. Pete Rozelle hated Al Davis. Why? Because Davis was always peeing in the punch bowl.

Unfortunately for Rozelle, Davis was already a member of the club and there was nothing he could do about it. I’ll bet if Davis had shown up later on to buy a franchise and do what he wanted with it, Rozelle and the NFL would have done everything in their power to keep him out.

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Bettman and the owners see Balsillie as a guy who wants to play by his rules, not the NHL’s and that is why they won’t let him in.

It has nothing to do with anyone disliking Canada or Canadians.