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I am converted.

When I was first informed part of my duties at The Hockey News would start to include writing for the Internet, I must admit to being less than enthusiastic.

I think my attitude was a direct reflection of my age: 51. In my mind I was married to The Hockey News and writing for the Net felt like cheating.

That said, with the exception of rap music, which I will never embrace no matter what, I have always prided myself in at least giving new things a try. And, over time, I have come to appreciate the value of writing for the Internet, which I am certain will thrill my new employers at Rogers Sportsnet since I am expected to write three columns a week for

But I digress.

I think what I most worried about was somehow taking away from the magazine. In fact, quite the opposite has occurred.

While is a great vehicle for breaking news and opinion, the magazine is still a must-read for hockey fans because we are able to elaborate on subjects.

One of the things I like most about is the fact it is interactive and gives our readers a voice. I find the majority of our readers who take the time to write to us do so with passion. Of course it also gives a platform to abusive loudmouths, but that is a small price to pay for being able to be in contact with true hockey fans who want to engage in intelligent conversation.

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Developing a strong website takes time, but I have been blown away by how popular has become. Dirk Soeterik, our original web manager, got us off to a fine running start and now Edward Fraser, along with his sidekick Rory Boylen, have taken the site to a new level.

The site will only continue to get better.

Like you, I have my favorite websites that I go to religiously; is one of them. So while I invite you to read my columns at beginning next week, I would encourage you to bookmark and make it one of your go-to websites.

Mike Brophy is a senior writer for The Hockey News and a regular contributor on 

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