Down with the salary cap

Scott Saxton, Lasalle, Ont.

I hate the NHL salary cap. I am not a Blackhawks fan, but what is happening to their club frustrates me as a fan.

The NHL should reward greatness and allow it to run it’s full course. The salary cap only serves to dismantle progress and promote athletic communism. Why punish the clubs who excel and get it right? Why not reward them?

Example: maybe the Stanley Cup champion could get an exemption to exceed the salary cap by $5 million during the season of their Cup defense.

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This would allow them to re-sign integral parts or even further bolster a championship-caliber team. Don’t think this idea has legs? Well, at least let’s get this conversation going. Something must be done.

The NHL is in the entertainment business. Watching a whole slew of middling teams slog it out each spring to see who is the best of a homogeneous bunch is not entertaining.

We want to see greatness. We want to see champions. The last team standing doesn’t necessarily give us this.