Drew Miller sliced by skate, nearly has eye cut in terrifying accident

Drew Miller is counting his lucky stars today. During Tuesday’s game, Mark Stone’s skate came up and cut Miller along his cheek and narrowly missed his eye. After the game, a picture of Miller’s newest scar shows just how close he came to an extremely serious injury.

It would be shocking if next time you see
Drew Miller, he’s not wearing a full face shield and neck guard. During Tuesday’s game against the Senators, Ottawa winger
Mark Stone was battling Red Wings center
Luke Glendening off a faceoff when Stone’s back leg came up and caught Miller right across the cheek. Miller immediately fell to his knees clutching his face before popping up and making a beeline to the Detroit bench. Once to the bench, Miller and the Red Wings medical staff headed straight back to the dressing room. Check out the video, and aftermath, below. Be warned, though: it’s not pretty.

As bad as the video looks, nothing can prepare you to see just how close it appears Miller came to losing his vision from the skate to the face. While this isn’t the open cut, the stitch job Miller underwent is equally as horrifying.
Miller Face Cut How Miller managed to get cut up his cheek and right below his eyebrow without catching the skate blade to the eye is beyond explanation, but we’re ever grateful that he’ll be all right once his face heals. After the game, Red Wings coach Mike Babcock told reporters that everything was going to be fine with Miller. “Millsie looks like he’ll have a big-time scar, but he’ll be back,”
said Babcock. There is no word, however, when Miller will return. Thursday night, the Red Wings play an extremely important home game against the Boston Bruins and play back-to-back games Saturday (in Minnesota) and Sunday (in Detroit, against Washington). If Miller is back Thursday, it would be shocking, but stranger things have happened.

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